I have made, packed and shipped so many things tonight, I am on FIRE!

Can’t wait until 17 days from now, and graduation. Then I can start hitting things full-throttle again. Isn’t life wonderful.~

Also, a plea for every follower to throw in an anonymous dollar to the post-graduation cause! It would be incredible if I were to get some more funding. Every dollar goes to improving things for the shop. Maybe next I should start looking into a vacuum-former…

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kaiwatengasuki asked: Hy when will your sailor Neptune liprods/transformation pens be finished ?:D and do I have to preorder if I want one ? Thank you

Oh man, not for a while now! I have to get the money together to order a new print of at least one, and then cast it, and then…. there is so much to do!! I would estimate that they will be done sometime in the summer. I hope to have protective packaging and display stands to do with them. Once the initial design is done they should go on pre-order though, yes.

Thank you very much for asking! I love your Neptune icon btw.

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Please signal boost and contribute if you can!

There are two major events that are happening to me this month.

The first happened this past weekend, when the downstairs of my apartment flooded, resulting in the order to move completely out of the unit and into another unit half the complex away, effectively uprooting my life and stopping anything else that I had going on.

The second is my graduation, and I am pleading help on both of these fronts.

There is a long read under the cut, talking about a dream and some major, current realities.

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Sooo close to 25% of the way there!

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So my house flooded yesterday.

All shipping and production is on hold until I get this taken care of. They’re forcing us to move out into another unit entirely, which means uprooting my life overnight. Welcome to damp, stressful hell. Stay tuned…

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Mahou Tap Necklace ★ Lightning and Lace

Find this item at Lightning and Lace on Storenvy

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SuDenLyY 5,325 FoLlLLOWERS???




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Alright, we are almost all moved into our new apartment, so I’ll be able to start packing and shipping orders again soon. That includes the Jiji charms that have finally come in!

A big thank you to anyone who has donated on the recent GoFundMe page. Your assistance allows us to continue our work!

Reminder that you can also use the code “FLOODYWATERS” on our Storenvy for 5% off for the rest of this month. 

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Sailor Mercury’s Super Computer 3DS Case Review 

What a great review, thank you so much!


Sailor Mercury’s Super Computer 3DS Case Review 

What a great review, thank you so much!

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Wonderful news everyone, the Lightning and Lace tumblog has just reached 4,000 followers! I am so blessed that so many of you follow and care about what Lightning and Lace does, and will continue to do. Heres to a bright future of promoting cosplay as a hobby, and industry and an art-form together! 

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Oh my gosh I love that Sailor Soldies sticker so much!!



Oh my gosh I love that Sailor Soldies sticker so much!!

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